Artist registration

Dear artists

The time has come and registration for the artist-booths is open now.

The booths are 1.5m wide. Payment will be a postcard, drawn by you, on a given topic. This year’s topic is “winteractivities”.
In addition, we ask you to pay 20 SFr to acquire a Sunday sales license.

16 booths are to be filled. A team, consisting of 3 people will decide, who out of all the applications will get a booth.

You’ll need the following documents to register

3-4 current, pictures, drawn by you in jpg-Format. (Please do not send them in a very high resolution, otherwise our mail system will cause problems.)

A short description of yourself, which we can put on our homepage, if your application has been accepted.An avatar or a picture of yourself (330dpi also jpg), which may also be posted on the homepage.
Information on the variety of your products (what will I offer/sell).

Please also answer the following questions

  • Why/How do I fit into the atmosphere of Aki no Matsuri?
  • Have I been there before?
  • Would I teach my craftsmanship in a workshop? (Payment per lesson: 50.-)
    If you would like to do a workshop, please include a short description and a fitting picture, which will also be posted on our website in case of approval. → Please note! Workshop-Applications do not guarantee an automatic acceptance for a booth.

Please send us all of the required documents with the following subject:

 Anmeldung Zeichner AnM 2020 + your name to

Registration deadline is the 20th of June.
You’ll be notified weather or not you were accepted until the 30th of June.

If you were accepted for a booth, please send us your postcard as payment until the 31st July.

We are looking forward to your numerous applications!