Drawing-Competition 2020

The theme of this year’s drawing-competition is Aki in winter.

Since our beloved autumn-festival takes place in winter this year, our mascot "Akiko" has to get used to the freezing winter. What can you do in winter? What is the magic of wintertime? That's what this year's drawing competition is all about. We look forward to your creative winter joys!


1st place

We congratulate our winner Joshua.

2nd place

The second place goes to Anila and Luna.

The participants

Prizes: (winners will be determined via website-voting)

1st place: 50.- + 1x con-package ticket plus a weekend ticket for the Aki no Matsuri 2020, this picture also becomes the flyer motif for the Aki no Matsuri 2020. (If desired, an artist's table can be requested, instead.)

2nd place: 30.- + two Saturday or Sunday tickets.

3rd place: 20.- + a Saturday or Sunday ticket.

Legal conditions

The winners of the regular prizes are determined via website voting.
One entry per participant.
The pictures are exhibited on the Aki no Matsuri homepage.
Prizes cannot be paid in cash.
The judges' decision is final.
The winning picture can be used as a flyer motif for the Aki no Matsuri 2020.
There are no legal claims for additional compensation from the subscriber (artist of the picture).

Your applications must be sent to judith.vuille@akinomatsuri.ch(Subject:”Zeichenwettbewerb 2020”) by June 30th at the latest.

The scan resolution must be 300 dpi. By sending the picture you agree to the conditions mentioned above.

We are looking forward to many contributions!

The deadline for entries is June 30th 2020.

Start of voting: July 5th 2020
End of website voting: July 30th 2020